Thursday, April 23, 2009

What this is all about.

I feel as if I should provide some sort of introduction or explanation as to what my blog is all about.  After 25 years of an overweight existence, I have decided to take control and start living an active, healthy lifestyle. It is not a vanity thing, as I know I am quite cute and fabulous despite the fact I've been shopping Plus-size retailers since I was 8 (I prefer to think of them as exclusive boutiques that only the best can shop at, as opposed to a mess of polyester and spandex for those who've fallen victim to the Arby's $5 Roundup.) Rather, my doctor ordered me to get my fat ass into shape because I have high-blood, high cholesterol, high sodium and my blood eerily resembles mocha-chip milkshakes.

So I've decided to document my journey via this site as a way to keep me honest (Inspired by Jen Lancaster's book, "Such a Pretty Fat." I highly suggest you read it as it's incredibly hilarious.) I figure that if I put it out there for my loyal readers (Mom and Dad) that I will have to keep up with the weight loss. If not, I will be humiliated all the way back to Lane Bryant, where my thick-skin sisters will shun and hiss at me for attempting to leave the clique.

However, the process of changing a lifetime of overindulgence and inactivity does have an upside beyond all the medical crap.  I've spent the better part of my life treating "Food in Casing Form" as the base of my Food Pyramid.  In Utero fetuses have a higher activity level than I do, what will all that turning and squirming and kicking they do.  I am getting muscle cramps just thinking about it. The experience is sure to be hilarious for those willing to laugh at my expense. And I encourage you to, otherwise I may fall off the turnip truck and into the gravy boat. 

Since I have started this lifestyle change in early March, I am down 16 pounds. So, I am off to celebrate at Nordstrom's with Jen. It's a work out on it's own, with all that walking around the shoe department, and (hopefully) lugging bags full of delightful sandals and footwear. I may need to stop for a soft pretzel to keep my strength up...


  1. You can count me in as one of your loyal readers!! 16 lbs is GREAT!! You go girl!! I'll be here if you need any support on your quest!! I too, need to get my butt back in gear soon!! Scuba diving is a great way to burn calories, right? So, I guess you just need to come over here and go diving with me everyday!! Miss and love you lots!! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Sweet Pea, I dont think that you will fall into the gravy boat, you dont like gravy. I will be your buddy for this adventure...from a distance...cuz I imagine I will get the same tongue lashing about the same stuff. Good luck Babe, I'm with ya.
    love you, mom

  3. Where does one find these boats made of and/or filled with gravy?

  4. Yay to 16 lbs! Way to go! Think about doing the 5k with me in Juhe! Count me as loyal reader and support system!