Thursday, May 7, 2009

Progress Report 1

I am not going to lie to you, I am dog tired right now and do not feel much like throwing a blog on here. I have a few incredibly busy days ahead of me and will not be in the Windy City until Monday, so you will have to hold off for a few days before hearing about my inability to resist baked goods and muscle pains from working out.

Before I take off for a few days, I feel I should give you all a progress report. After all, what good is keeping a blog to document my journey in trying to regain the ability to reach my toes without sharing my progress.

I met with my dietitian today for our 4 week meeting, (not monthly, every 4 weeks, like clockwork.) Despite the fact she is trying to wean me off of sausages, cheese, and dark beer, she is incredibly helpful and supportive. I enjoy going to her over my normal doctor to track my progress because she does not just weigh me. They calculate body fat percentage, pounds of body fat, and your BMI.

Huge side rant about BMI. I got into a discussion the other day with another portly lady about BMI, as her doctor also advised her to try to live a more active life due to her BMI. She started telling me how the BMI scale is not a proper way to monitor your health and body fat levels. Granted, it is not a perfect system, but it's a helpful guide. However, her argument for being against BMI is that according to it, Venus & Serena Williams are overweight, Michael Jordan is overweight, most pro athletes have "unhealthy" BMIs. Lady, who the hell are you kidding?? You think that because you have the same BMI as the Williams sisters that you are a finely tuned tennis machine?? It is very clear to me that you are no pro athlete, and you're deluding yourself if you think that because there are exceptions to the BMI scale that you should have been in Beijing 2008. Argh! Get out of here, lady.

Sorry about that side rant. Anyway, I started with this whole eating healthy/working out crap on 1 March. I did not start seeing my dietitian until 9 April. Today was my second meeting with her, and we hit some milestones! On the scale today, I was a full 20 pounds lighter than what I was on 1 March. Also, since seeing her last month, I dropped 10.9 pounds, 9.5 of it was pure body fat- which makes me wonder, what was the rest of it? Toe nail clippings? I dropped 2% in my body fat percentage too.

The biggest highlight for me was my BMI. On 9 April, I came in at a whopping 40.29 on the old Body Mass Index scale. Although, the fact that I am about to get picked up by the Dodgers accounts for that, right? Well today, my BMI came in at a measly 38.47. Not a huge drop, but by getting under 40, I am no longer officially Morbidly Obese!!! I am just an average, run-of-the-mill, not gonna die from my fatness Obese Person. I now am labeled as regularly Obese. Let me tell ya, dropping that Morbid feels great, because what an awful word. Makes it seem as if I got within a 3-foot radius of a Big Mac I would keel over just from the fumes. By the way, I hate all fast food contrary to the lore of fat people scarfing McDonald's, with the exception of Burger King due to the fact that they make sweet, sweet frozen cokes available to me with ease. So hooray, I am just obese. My next goal is to get that BMI under 30, because then I am just Overweight, which I believe would put me in the minority in America, as most are hanging out in Obesity land with me. Other highlights from my trip to the dietitian include:

- An everything bagel does not count as 1 starch. It is in fact 4 starches. Whoops...
-To enjoy a nice salad at lunch without the extra calories of salad dressing, just squeeze some fresh lemon wedges on it ( WTF!?! Who Does This??? Honestly, anyone??)
-Shrimp is very high in cholesterol. Damn, that's the only thing that's from the ocean that Will & I have not mutilated on the grill.
-Most marinades do not count towards your calorie and fat count. Hershey syrup is not one of them. Damn.
-Whole Grain Bread can be deceptively high in sugar and fats- I KNEW IT! I knew I hated Whole Grains for a reason!
-Caramel Apple lollipops do not count as a fruit serving. Drat.


  1. Way to go! Keep it up, you are amazing!

  2. What do you marinade in Hershey's Syrup? Caramel Apple Lollipops?

  3. I hate the BMI thingy but it is a tool.

    Shrimp is around 4 mg of cholesterol, wrap it in bacon and it can probably make arteries clog just at the thought!

    You're doing good though, keep up the good work!