Monday, July 13, 2009

Crisis Averted: Temptation Resisted.

I just dodged a big bullet- a 620 calorie, 20 grams of fat (12% Saturated!) bullet.

For weeks now I have been craving peanut butter and chocolate ice cream.  Whether it is in the form of a blizzard, milkshake, waffle cone, I really don't care.  I just want some ice cream. And today I almost took some desperate measures for some.

Note:  I do let myself have ice cream and dessert regularly.  I don't really believe in depriving yourself of the things you love and I believe that people who do that are not ultimately successful at long-term weight loss.  However, with this, I also believe in only enjoying them occasionally and in much smaller portions than the 21-scoop volcanoes that I could have polished off before I started this whole adventure (who are we kidding? I could still easily kill 21 scoops, toppings included.)  So with my new modest portion sizes and decreased frequency of dessert consumption, I really try to plan when I will allow myself a sweet treat.

This Sunday is my birthday and I have plans to consume my body weight in Carrot Cake.  Hence the reason I am currently depriving myself  of any sweet treats.  Plus, it will help me make it to my 35-pound loss by age 26.  And it's irrelevant that it will only be 30-pounds loss once I get through some cream cheese frosting.  However, this logic and rational has been greatly tested this past week as all I want is some ice cream.

It came to a peak today.  I finished a delicious, well-balanced dinner and found myself wanting more. Something sweet, creamy and chocolate-esque.  The ice cream man comes around here regularly so I planned accordingly.  I set a few dollar bills and a baseball bat by the front door.  Once I heard the familiar jingle ringing through the air, I planned to casually walk out with my moolah and bat, get to the order window and then bludgeon the ice cream man, providing me the perfect opportunity to carjack the ice cream truck and ride off into a delicious sunset.  I envisioned myself cruising away at 80 mphs, Good Humor bar in one hand, sundae cone in the other, leaving a wake of crying children holding their allowances behind. However, there was one flaw in my plan, and the flaw happened.

The ice cream man never came.

Perhaps he got wind of my crafty plans.  I became desperate.  However, it was well after 9 p.m. at this time, as I spent too many hours keeping vigil with my Louisville Slugger on my front porch and not enough plotting  a plan B.  As I began to sort through my options, I realized ice cream was not in my future.  Dairy Queen closes at 9.  The man that works at the ice cream shop up in town seems to get angry if you come in after 8:30, which begs the questions: 1. Why does he stay open until 10? and 2. Who can be angry working at an ice cream shop?  Not sure I want to know support someone who is so unhappy surrounded by 40 flavors of home-churned hand-dipped heaven.

9:40:  I found myself standing over an open can of cocoa powder, spoon in hand, debating my next step. Any chocolate lover knows Cocoa powder for what it really is.  While it's name conjures up images of chocolate pixies sprinkling their sweet heavenly dust on you, Cocoa powder is actually nature's cruelest joke.  It is terribly bitter. But I was desperate and seriously contemplating digging in just to calm the cravings.

Then it hit me.  There is a McDonald's just up the way.  And they have McFlurry's.  Nevermind the fact that I truly hate eating at McDonald's and do everything in my power to avoid the Golden Arches. In that moment, it was like an oasis of sweetness in the parched desert of my stomach.  But I had a moment of clarity, and decided to check the nutritional information of their desserts to make the most educated decision.  Because clearly there is a healthy choice at 9:45 at night when going to McDonald's.

Thank God I checked!  I was planning on getting a McFlurry with Reese's in it.  I was disgusted to see that it packed 620 calories in it.  I only average between 1300-1400 calories a day, nearly half of my daily eating would be eliminated in one treat!  And I already used up 1250 for the day!  That meant I would either need to spend an additional hour on the elliptical tomorrow (No.) or cut my food intake by half (NO!)  And so I resisted.  And I came to write about my experience to get me out of this craving for ice cream.  I am quite proud of my resolve and will power, because it will be worth it this weekend when I see that I made it to 35 pounds.

And when I eat an entire carrot cake.

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