Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Progress Report 3

I've been getting a lot of harassing e-mails lately wondering where I am at. "Cari, when are you going to post again?" "Cari, did you stop doing your Website?"  "Cari, did you revert back to your life of gluttony and slothness?"

To all the inquiries- NO! No, I am not done writing and no I did not revert back to my slothness. Definitely been a bit of a glutton when it comes to things in liquid form with a proof content, but it's Festival season, what else do you expect.  I'll tell you the real reason I have not been updating my blog much lately:

IT'S SUMMERTIME!!!  Why would I want to be sitting at a computer sharing with the world about my obesity, when I can be at a festival eating funnel cakes to contribute to said obesity.  Seriously though, It's summer!  It is so nice out, don't waste your time on-line.  Go to a ball game, lay out in the sun, walk your dog, take your kids to the park!!  Or if you are like me, walk your dog to the park so that he can chase other people's kids.  It's my hound dogs favorite past time.   It's just been so lovely here that when I tell myself I need to update the blog, the thought of coming in out of the sun and away from the never-ending margaritas that seem to circulate in my neighborhood...I just can't do it.  I am loving being outside too much!

Fortunately my healthy lifestyle change did not go on hiatus for the summer break.  I recently met with Judy, my wonderful dietitian, and was so very, very happy with the results!  Since my last visit with her, I dropped another 8.5 pounds! That makes me happy, because that means I am losing about 2 pounds a week, which is the maximum I am trying to lose. I am not trying to do it quickly, I am trying to do it at  a rate so that it will stick once I reach my goal.  The best part of getting rid of those 8.5 pounds is that it put me over the 30 pound mark.  I know I said I was going to try The Worm for my dance party once I hit 30 pounds, but in case you missed it: Michael Jackson died.  So for me, a huge MJ fan, the only appropriate thing was to have dance party to, "Smooth Criminal" and "Beat It."  I was doing fine with the moves from "Beat It," a dance I perfected during my years living at Mt. Lushmore at Ohio U.  "Smooth Criminal" started off well, just bee-bopping and moonwalking around; however, it took a turn for the tragic when I tried that iconic lean.  You know that lean in the "Smooth Criminal" where MJ seems to defy gravity and lean forward at a 45 degree angle. Yeah, lesson learned the hard way that he had to have some special shoes or something, because I fell flat out on my face, did not even have time to brace myself.  It hurt and I did not breathe right for a few days.  But it was worth it to celebrate hitting, and surpassing, 30 pounds and to commemorate Michael in my own way. So perhaps I will save The Worm for when I hit 35 pounds.  Thirty-five will be a milestone for me.  When I started this venture on 1 March, my goal was to lose 35 pounds by my 26th birthday.  Now that it is a mere 11 days away, I believe I can reach it.  Provided I lay off the sauce this weekend. Note: If I stay sober this weekend, It will mark the first sober weekend for me since...I cannot even remember. Honestly, cannot recall a time Will & I have gone 7 consecutive days without a cocktail of some sort. Some might say we have a problem, but we think the only problem is in stopping. 

Other exciting news from my dietitian, my BMI is down again, I am at 36.44, right in the obesity range between morbid obesity and overweight.  For those of you who've been following, when I started this all I was well in the morbid range, so it feels good to get further away from that window and closer to the overweight range that comes with being under 30 on it. I am also exceptionally excited that my glucose level went down another 3 points putting me into the healthy range, and my cholesterol is now below 200!  Again, it is truly pathetic that at age 25 I am so excited over having healthy cholesterol.  But I live a pretty simple existence, so I will take my victories where I can.

I am learning a lot about eating better and my food habits have changed tremendously, so I am getting fewer and fewer tidbits when I see Judy.  However, some of the highlights include:

-To change up Zucchini, spring a little parmesan cheese on it.  Unfortunately, an entire block  is not acceptable. There's always a catch. Note: I learned this because I told her how my zucchini plant is apparently on steroids and is producing fruit like crazy! Ca-razy!!
-Salmon contains a lot of Omega 3.  Now for the real question: What the hell is Omega 3?  Sounds like a fraternity to me, like the Tri-Delts or something.
-If you lift weights and don't get enough protein, your muscles will eat themselves!  I am quite disgusted at the thought of some sort of cannibalism taking place in my body. I am contemplating starting to drink Muscle Milk.  
-At our last meeting Judy told me to incorporate more nuts into my diet to consume more monounsaturated fat.  However, she did not tell me that 2-3 cans of cashews a week was not what she meant.  

And that is all I got.  Wish me luck in making it through the weekend without a beverage or 8 so I can make my 35 pound goal as a birthday gift to myself!

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