Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fat Girl Fav: Sweets for Less

In honor of starting my education to become a great pastry chef, baker, culinarian and just all-around maker of random life-changing decisions, I decided that it is appropriate to share a Fat Girl Fav with the few people out there who check for my sporadic rantings. Note: they said that on average the first-year student gains about 30-35 pounds. However, I don't see how that can happen. Based on Day 1, I had no time to eat. I shoved a clementine in my mouth before leaving around 0800, and once I got home around 1830, I was too tired to want to eat. I managed to slurp down some yummy squash soup and a piece of bread down. I did some homework and reading then went to bed. Maybe once I adjust to standing in a kitchen for 6 hours with no break I will want to eat more, but if this Day 1 trend continues, Culinary School may turn out to be a great way to lose weight.

Anyway, I have a rampant sweet tooth. Anytime I eat anything, immediately I want sweet. I always say I am just wanting a little something to nosh on, just a taste of sweet. However, quite often that taste of sweet turns into a Volcano-sized Mud Pie drizzled in chocolate shavings. I take no prisoners when it comes to dessert. Alas, I have had to adjust this sweet tooth, sweet jaw rather, in order to get out of the Plus-Sized section like I so desperately want to. I normally will allow myself to have a piece of Dove Dark Chocolate, with only 40 calories it's not too sinful. However, it is starting to become entirely too sensual of a ritual for me to continue. I covet those Dove chocolates. I grab one, enjoy the red foil in my greedy little paw. I slowly unwrap it and smell the bitterness of the dark cocoa, then take the slightest nibble of it, relishing the feel of my teeth through the silky texture. Then I place the entire chocolate on my tongue and move it around my mouth, then suck on it until it melts into a chocolatey pool, savoring having my mouth coated into this heavenly delight. It is amazing.

Clearly, I am getting a little bit too obsessed with my Dove Dark Chocolate moments. If they ever leave me, I just may have to go and kill Dove's pet rabbit and throw it on the stove. My ever-so supportive husband finally told me I need to find a new sweet treat to indulge in as he is beginning to question my loyalty to him over Dove Dark Chocolates. So I've been trying to indulge in different ways, such as:

Guilt-Free Banana Splits: I LOVE me some banana splits. It's my favorite fruit, working as a boat in a pool of yummy ice cream, with random blots of whipped cream rafts, drizzled in a rain of Chocolate Sauce. Heaven!! However, I can easily kill a 10-scoop, 2 banana split in less time it takes my Hound Dog to inhale a pig ear. So I've modified to fulfill my cravings. First thing, skip the ice cream! The ice cream more or less just gets in the way of the trifecta of whipped cream, chocolate sauce and banana. I like to slice up a banana and throw it in the freezer for about 10 minutes so it gets nice and chilly. Then, I load it up with either Fat-Free Cool Whip or Fat-Free Reddi-whip (all depends on whose coupons were more generous in the Sunday Trib), then drizzle it with Fat-Free chocolate sauce. It sounds strange, but it is amazing! I can eat an entire bowlful of it for less than 100 calories, and it beats the hell out of those 100-calorie microwave-cake things Betty Crocker came out with. Plus, you get lots of potassium from that fresh banana- BONUS! I highly suggest you try this some time.

Pancakes: I adore a nice pancake. Husband, however, hates them. Apparently they are served entirely too frequently on Naval vessels, so he has a terrible aversion to pancakes and French Toast (sinner.) One night he shocked me and said that he wanted Pancakes for dinner! Note: It was great to learn that after nine years together you can still be shocked. Well, he was shocked and appalled at my Dove Chocolate ritual, so it goes both ways I guess. Anyway, I had to seize this opportunity to have some yummy flapjacks. I imagined these thick pillowy rounds of griddle-cooked dough, drowning in a sea of butter and syrup and nearly danced a jig in anticipation. Then reality hit in- Hello Calories! And I was fresh off a trip to Ohio where I engaged in way, way too many fat-rich foods.

I had a moment of clarity when I was able to shove the image of pancakes floating in a pool of syrup from my mind. Why not make the pancake themselves taste yummier so all that junk on top is not required. My mind immediately went to throwing a few handfuls of chocolate chips into the mix, but realized that was pretty pointless. I split the batter, and half of it got a few bananas mashed up into it (Told you I love bananas) and the other half got made over with a few splashes of Almond Extract. It worked out wonderfully! Will and I both loved the Almond Extract ones (Banana were tasty too, but the Almond ones were Deeee-licious!) I still needed a little syrup on there, but I used a Sugar-free syrup, that surprisingly tasted better than the sweet goo offered by my girl Mrs. Butterworth. So, lesson learned, enjoy pancakes, just jazz em up and top em with sugar-free syrup. They were so yummy that I may be starting to crack my husband's hate for breakfast foods that come from the griddle. For now, I need to get to class. I am learning how to cut pineapple, mangoes, kiwi, pears, and oranges today. As much as I want to lose weight, I hope that I will find time to get a snack in throughout the day.

Otherwise, there is a good chance Fat Girl will strike and I will eat my assignment before my instructor checks it out.


  1. 1: LOVE this blog! I too, have a "sweet jaw", lol. You write so well, Cari. Remind me again why we didn't hang out more when you were here in Sasebo?
    2: It's better for your metabolism to eat more frequently, so even if you don't have time for a whole meal, eat a handful of nuts and a piece of fruit. The protein and fat of the nuts will even out the carb buzz you'll get from the fruit and help it last longer, but still keep your metabolism humming.
    3: If you're interested, I've had some success (and am sort-of back on again) the "6-week Body Makeover Plan". I imagine I would have more success if I actually ate according TO the plan. Anyways, I especially like this program because it really teaches you about your body, instead of just "eat this, not that" or "workout this much because we say so".
    Anyways. Good luck in school, and in everything! Miss you! ~Rebecca

  2. My friend is in culinary school too, they tasted herbs the other day fresh and dry...

    I absolutely adore your blog and do a little happy dance when I see that there is a new one! Keep up the good work, now I want bananas and chocolate, my favorite combo in the world! (besides my hubby and I lol)

  3. I'm going to email you a protien pancake recipe that I hear is pretty good!! Keep up the great work!