Sunday, January 3, 2010

Not a Resolution, Just a Recommitment

Dear Follies of a Fat Girl Loyalists,

Please accept my sincerest apologies for taking the past few months off. Sometimes, things happen in life that can just distract you from the things you really love doing. I've missed sharing my weight loss adventures with you, and I am pledging to you to be much more dedicated in 2010, with a goal to update at least 2-3 times a month. It's not a resolution though, because I've never successfully kept a New Year's Resolution. I don't like my past history with Resolutions, so I certainly will not make one for something I truly want to succeed at. The past few months have been uneventful in regards to my weight loss journey, and I suspect that may be part of why I have not been updating. Here's what you missed over the last two months:

The Battle for 50 Pounds: I lost more than 50 pounds!!! Then, Thanksgiving came. Back to a 48 pound weight loss.

Goal to Catch a Flu: A success!! In mid-December I successfully came down with a rampant case of Gastroenteritis. It was misery. I ended up spending an evening in my local Emergency Room, but walked away with a prescription for Vicodin and orders (That my husband witnessed!!) for me to doing nothing but relax and sleep. However, it could not have come at a worst time, as I was at the end of the quarter for school, so I could not milk the doctor's orders as much as I would have liked. I spent 5 days living off of 1-2 liters of Pedialyte a day, and as a result, I lost 7 pounds. I knew I would gain most of it back once I started eating regular food again. And I did, but only 4 pounds. So do the math, I was under 50 pounds lost still!

And then Christmas came. It wasn't just Christmas itself, although that certainly was enough to put me over the edge. It was being back in Ohio, something that is always my downfall. I eat out quite a bit, meeting up with friends, and of course, indulge in the occasional cocktail or twelve. It would be fine to do that every now and then, but five days straight did a number. An exact number of 3 pounds.

Three pounds...Which meant that I went through gastroenteritis for nothing, nothing!! That prime opportunity of a stomach flu was wasted on Christmas trimmings and Christmas Ales. My excessive gluttony was only compounded by the New Year's Eve holiday.

I am sure for most people, New Year's Eve is not a typical pig-out fest. And for me, it is not either. However, I am a beer drinker, which meant the last night of 2009 brought me a kegful of calories. The fact that I capped my evening of celebration with a frozen coke slurpee and nachos from 7-11 really did not help my cause.

And the gluttony did not stop there, my friends. New Year's Day came. The Rose Bowl came. Ohio State Football came. When one has the Buckeyes in a Bowl Game on New Year's Day, the outcome is ridiculous amounts of wings, potato skins, cheese spreads, breads, quesos and dips, and Of Course, a Buckeye Victory! Oh, and beer pong. Fortunately, my beer pong skills are akin to Terrell Pryor's game against the Ducks and I did not consume too many calories. But it was like Terrell Pryor's play, so of course I had a few missteps. In 7 hours of pong play, those missteps add up to a lot of plastic cups of beer.

So, I started 2010 at 47 pounds lost, 8 away from the 55 pounds lost I was at when I went home at Christmas. Fortunately when I was home I had many folks comment that I was looking good and less obese, so that really motivates me to want to get things rolling again. I am recommitting to work out more, eat less wings, find a lower calorie beer that doesn't taste like garbage, and just rededicate myself to getting out of that damned Plus Size section. Thanks for your patience and for continuing on the adventure with me.

Happy New Year,