Monday, March 1, 2010

1 Year Reflections

March 1st is here!

March is such a wonderful month in the World of Cari. March Madness, Spring Training, glimpses of good weather to come, and St. Patrick's Day, just to name a few. This year, the ushering in of March marks a special occasion in my life.

On March 1, 2009, I made a commitment to myself to live a healthier lifestyle due to the fact I was morbidly obese, was put on high blood pressure medication and was diagnosed as pre-diabetic.

I did not tell anyone of my grand plan at first. I started off with small changes: giving up soda pop, switching from frying to baking, walking my dog a few days a week. Once I lost around 10 pounds, I started at the gym and hilarity ensued. From that, The Follies of a Fat Girl was born and I have shared my adventures and struggles with the Internet. I wanted to take a moment to note everything that has changed within the past year. In 365 days, I have:
  • Lost 85 pounds
  • Gained 34 pounds
  • Shed a total of 51 pounds (Not lost, as I certainly am not looking for them!)
  • Blood sugar has gone from a pre-diabetic 110 to a healthy 85
  • Cholesterol has gone from 238 with LDL of 139 to total Cholesterol of 172 with LDL of 95
  • Reduced blood pressure medication dosage by half
  • Quit smoking cigarettes (For two months, anyway)
  • Gone from a size 18/20 to a 12, occasional 14
The biggest change has just been in how I feel about myself and how I look.

Me: One Year Ago

Me: Two Weeks Ago

I never really notice a difference in my appearance until I look at photos, after all, I am still a Fat Girl with a LOT more weight to lose, but DAMN. Not going to lie, I look pretty damned good these days. I have always had an inflated sense of self, but as my jeans get smaller, my ego gets bigger. I am down from once not having a neck to a very reasonable waddle of a double chin, better accessorized, and a marked improvement in the hair style department.

It was a good year.

My journey as a Fat Girl is not yet over. Clearly, just looking at me, one can see I still have quite a ways to go. I am hardly living a perfectly heathly existence at this point, and I really want to dedicate this next year to making some serious progress in that respect. So, my goals to reach by March 1, 2011 are:

  • Lose 20-30 more additional pounds
  • Be off of blood pressure medication entirely
  • Maintain healthy levels of my blood sugar, cholesterol, etc.
  • Donate all former Fat Girl clothes to charity (You better believe I still have those size 20s packed away out of fear that my success this far has been a glitch. It was a bitch building up a cute wardrobe out of size 18s, I am not ready to part with them all.
  • Be ready for the Chicago Half Marathon, which I will be running in May 2011
  • Continue to be a Non-smoker
  • Eat vegetarian two days a week, vegan another day
  • Limit red meat to once a month, or less
  • Eat more fiber and whole grains
  • Ween myself off of these damned Werther's Original Sugar Free
  • Continue to share my misadventures with the world.
Thanks for being with me over this past year. I look forward to what the forthcoming 525,600 minutes will bring.

For now, I think the next 10 minutes are bringing me some Chocolate Cake.


  1. Cari, what an accomplishment! You should be so proud of how far you've come, I know I'm proud of you! Chicago 1/2 Marathon in 2011...need a buddy?

  2. Sonya, thanks so much for all of your advice and support during this!! I definitely need a partner, May 2011, mark your calendar!!!

  3. Hi Cari-You do not know me, I am what you might consider an internet stalker. (Joke.) I am a friend of your brother, Chris. Chris and I have a similar sense of humor, thus, one day he introduced me to your blog as a point of reference for a conversation we were having. Since that point, I have been following your blog, and so, in essence, feel like I know you. (Although I'm sure you are even more amazing than your blog entries can describe.) Long story short, your weight loss achievement is amazing. I am very proud of you (because remember, I know you), and I think it is amazing. You look amazing as well. Best wishes for your next year of achievements. I will be following along (given you don't block me.)

    Katie L. (Bermuda)

  4. I love your blog and find it such an inspiration!! You have a beautiful way with words and I'm glad you are willing to share this with the world!!!!!

  5. Care Bear - You look fabulous! :) We are all so proud of you! I really need to make a trip to Chi-town to visit you. I join Sonya in saying if you need a running partner for the race next year, I'm there, Cari!

  6. SO...I heard about you from a friend we have in common(Miss Megan Ray)....and I just have to say that I freakin' love this!I'll be sure to follow you and your achievements....also hoping to get some inspiration to lose a few myself:/ Good luck this year Cari!! -Leni in PA

  7. I love you. You are incredible and you have done such an amazing job

  8. So I love your blog and wanted to award a cheesy blog award! I run to your blog every new post! You're addicting! So enjoy the sunshine award!