Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Dun dun....dun dun....dun dun...dundun...dundun.....dundundundundun....

I'M BAACCCKKK! I'm Back in the Saddle Again!!!*

*That was my attempt to pull an onomatopoeia of Aerosmith's classic, "Back in the Saddle." Reason being is that I am back to my healthy living and on the weight loss low-fat gravy train again.

I have not been able to post anything in these past few months in regards to my Follies of being a Fat Girl trying to lose weight because I have done NOTHING since April to lose any weight or be healthy. Honestly, how am I supposed to share my weight loss misadventures when I am am not losing weight. On contrary, I actually gained quite a few pounds back. I blame culinary school.

It all started off with a change in my schedule, I had classes starting at 6 a.m., and we were required to take a 30-45 minute breakfast break. Attending culinary school has its perks, because breakfast is nothing to scoff at. It ain't your Red Roof Inn continental breakfast of crappy bagels and bruised apples. No no, every morning there were eggs, hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, waffles, pancakes and a make your own omelet station. Oh, plus a station of rotational items. I started off the quarter well, sticking to a plate of mixed fruits with granola. Then I added scrambled eggs to the mix. Then a few hashbrowns.

Then they started serving corned beef hash and that marked the beginning of the end for me and my plunge into putting 10 pounds back on. Slowly my plate morphed from a healthy blend of melons and oranges to a plate of cholesterol featuring my beloved hash, sausage gravy, grits and fried eggs over easy with nary a piece of product in sight...except the piece of parsley garnishing the eggs Benedict. Note: Hollandaise is proof God loves us and wants us to be happy...and perhaps join him earlier than scheduled. The binging only got worse in the classroom, the particular downfall being the breakfast pastries course.

We made some amazing things in this course: Danish, croissants, kugelhopf and puff pastry delights. The highlight for me was a deep-fried doughnut made of brioche dough, filled with pastry cream and topped with a dark chocolate ganache. Our chef instructor, who seems to be the epitome of healthy living, was enjoying one and said, "These are so delicious and worth indulging in on a rare occassion, less than once a month." I turned my eyes away as shamefully licked the ganache off my lips from the fifth one I consumed in as many minutes.

Two weeks left into the quarter I realized I was a fat girl again. Not a fat girl getting fit, or a fat girl who at least worked out, but a full on, "I don't care what I eat and how little I exercise as long as clothing still contains lycra-Fat Girl." I had put 10 pounds back on, felt my beloved size 14s and 12s getting snug again while secretly cursing myself for donating all the 16-20s that I once owned and felt terrible in general from not working out for months.

So I am back at it! I am proud to say that I have shed those damned 10 pounds that crept back onto me, plus an additional two at this point. The hardest part about all of this is that the entire year I did of getting into shape is pretty much gone. When I set out on my first run, I figured I would struggle but would still be able to come pretty close to my past times.

But no. Not so much. Fitness isn't a savings account. I am back to zero. So I am back to dealing with running pains, struggling for oxygen and generally swearing life and brioche doughnuts as I switch between my walk/trot/jog speed combo. God willing it won't be too much longer before I can once again experience the joy of dropping the "walk" from that grouping.

My body is at weight right now where it is pretty comfortable so I have a feeling fighting these next pounds will be a struggle, but I am hoping to drop 15 by the summers end.

So let the follies continue...


  1. I too have decided to get back to my healthy eating and working out routine!! Good for you to jumping back on the train!! I'm so proud of all the progress you have made!! You're such an inspiration!! I love and miss you so much!!

  2. Good job girl, way to get back on the wagon!

  3. Love your blog girl! I have a similar titled blog and in the process of weight loss too! It's really motivating to read your posts! :)