Sunday, July 24, 2011

Guess Who's Back? Back Again?

Cari's back. Tell a friend.

Okay, I mean it this time.  I am getting back to blogging.  The Follies are going to undergo a bit of an overhaul.  Rather than just write strictly about my adventures with weight loss and trying to live  a healthier life, I am just making this a blog that has to do with all aspects of my life. 

My absence from the blogosphere has garnered a few complaints from all five of my loyal readers, but I have legit reasons.  I am going through a period of transition in my life, and I tend to shut down when transitioning.  The primary reasons that I did not update Follies was because there were no follies to write of.  I have not: sang aloud to Aerosmith on an elliptical machine, had my dog randomly hump another person's dog that was in heat, knocked myself out cold while following along to Billy Blanks, fallen down the stairs doing the Sprinkler celebrating a weight loss milestone, or tried to grow a tapeworm in my GI tract. I've successfully kept more than 50 pounds off for almost two years now and have reached a plateau.  Quite frankly, if I do not have anything worth writing, than I would just prefer not to blog.

However, those who stalk me on facebook frequently point out that I do have some musings that could be basis for a post.  My encounters with the "Residentially Challenged" of Chicago, experiences on the late night Red Line, my general rules for life, and just the things that only seem to happen to Cari. So, as I sally forth on a new chapter in my life, I decided I would start to share my experiences again.

Welcome back to the Follies of a Fat Girl.


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  2. Welcome back :) So excited to read of your adventures again!