Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Life Lessons with Cari

When you are getting ready to take a shot of Jameson with friends and you have a feel a slight tickle of a potential sneeze coming on, wait for that tickle to pass.  Don't think that you will be able to hold that sneeze back in the event that it happens, because you won't.  You will sneeze the moment that the sweet Irish whiskey hits your throat and you will send it all flying back out.  It will go rocketing into the shot glass still at your lips and shoot straight back  and splash your entire face. You will have whiskey all over your face.  And it will get in your eyes and they will burn with an intensity you never thought possible.  People will give you odd looks when you go restroom with mascara streaks down your cheeks and Jamo dripping from your chin.  Not only will it be painful and embarrassing, it will also be a waste of perfectly good whiskey.

Thin Lizzy had Whiskey in the Jar.  I had Whiskey in the Eye.  Learn from my mistake.

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