Friday, January 27, 2012

Cari Ponders...

I ordered Chinese take-out.  In addition to my order, there was four fortune cookies and four sets of chopsticks.

Is this something that I should be proud of and celebrate? Or something I should be embarrassed about and keep hush?

Note: I live alone, except for the 40-pound pile of fur that accounted for one order of Kung Pao Chicken.


  1. 1. Free cookies!
    2. Free chopsticks! Good for eating and hair accessorizing.
    3. They probably throw that in every bag. I once ordered from a place that gave me paper plates. I though it funny, as if it ever leaves the carton beyond trips to my mouth.

  2. Paper plates? Really? Perhaps I didn't get those as they assumed I was just going to toss it into my trough.

    And I decided I was proud, because week old fried rice is delicious!