Monday, January 30, 2012

Instant Karma

I live in a major metropolitan area.  I see things that delight me and make me smile on a daily basis. This week, however, I witnessed something that brought a new level of joy to me.

Before I explain, there are two things that should be noted about me:
1. I am a very firm believer in karma.
2. I am not sure if Hell exists, but if it does, I am beyond confident that there is a special ring reserved for people that do not clean up after their dogs.

Now that you have a much clearer view on my spiritual beliefs, let's get back to something I witnessed that delighted me.

So I was out walking my Hound dog, trying my hardest to maintain some sense of control of the beast on a leash while staying aware of cars, dogs, people and food scraps around us.  Ahead of us on the sidewalk was a man walking his Labrador.  I watched as the yellow scoundrel stopped and squatted, dropping behind physical evidence of his visit to that patch of sidewalk.  I slowed the Hound down as I did not want to catch up to the dog and watch my canine do his best Cujo impersonation. Note: My dog is the definition of leash aggressive.  When out walking on a leash, he is a madman, going crazy at everything with this, "Hold me back" mentality.  Take him off leash at a park or beach, and he is more awkward and socially inept as a Republican at an Obama fundraiser.

Anyway, can you imagine my absolute shock and disgust as the man with the Lab watched his pup drop a deuce, quickly glanced around and then hurried along, leaving the pile of waste behind.  I wanted to yell out a few obscenities but refrained because:

1. The Hound would have went apeshit bananas on the Lab, which is pretty rude to knowingly inflict upon the neighbors.
2. It was close to midnight and as  a street savvy young gal, I do not need to be confronting strange men on the street.
3. It would not be very ladylike.  While I certainly am no lady, I do like to moonlight as one from time to time.

It's not often that I keep my mouth shut, and I was instantly rewarded for successfully exercising some restraint.  The man who showed such disregard for his neighbors and lacked responsibility for his pet walked straight into a pile of dog shit that was on the sidewalk. As I saw him stop, look at his shoe and let out, "You've got to be ******* kidding me,"  I smiled with delight.

And then I broke my pledge to keep quiet and let out a laugh that echoed throughout the night.  He shot a dirty look back in my direction and I immediately regretted leaving my pepper spray at home.  However, he kept on moving and justice was served as karma came through.

As I continued on down the sidewalk, I picked up the mess left by the Lab, because I could sure use some positive karma points to make up for some of my Jamo-sponsored shenanigans.


  1. .."he is more awkward and socially inept as a Republican at an Obama fundraiser." chuckle!

    Loved that he stepped in dog shit and you witnessed it!!

    1. It was one of the greatest things I have ever witnessed.