Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thunderfoot Finds Love; Or Things That Go Bump in the Night

So it seems that my old friend Thunderfoot has got himself a girlfriend.  Things seem to be pretty serious as their relationship has evolved to wholly expressing their love with their bodies.  I do not want to be too risque, but let's just say that the "enthusiasm" for which Thunderfoot expresses himself physically is directly related to the PSI of his step.  I am trying very hard to be patient despite losing a lot of sleep as my bedroom is directly underneath him.  I own a hound dog who undoubtedly makes noise that annoy my neighbors, so I am really working to ignore the fact that I think he is going to thrust his headboard straight through the wall and into the stairway. I know (hope) that in due time, things will settle down or perhaps they will rotate where they stay at.

And in the interim, I am now accepting donations of ear plugs fit for both human and canine, as well as monetary donations to cover my medical expenses from the injuries I sustain as a result of a bed falling through the ceiling on me as I sleep.

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